May 27, 2015

Participants: Jon, Nadine, Gili, Aaron

We remain a small, core group.

Castles of Burgundy

Jon 218, Nadine 179, Gili 177, Aaron 172

First play for Aaron, he did his usual good job. He invested heavily in beige buildings and the yellow tiles that gave victory points for them, ending with 40 bonus points from them. Otherwise he was behind in points during the game, even though he had some mines going by phase 2. Nadine took an early lead with beige and she finished her beige set first. She and Gili jockeyed for first place in the turn order, with Nadine holding it for most of the game. However, she was cash shy, since she didn’t get a mine until phase 4.

Gili competed with me for animals, a strategy I usually neglect. Hers were somewhat superior. She also finished her castles first. But she had no yellow bonus points. I had mines going early, and I also had a set of yellows that gave bonuses for selling tiles: an extra coin for each sale, and both of the ones that gave extra victory points. I finished grey and yellow first, and had lots of money, so I almost finished my board, but I didn’t quite finish my last beige, last animal, or sell my last goods. Still, it was enough to win by a decent margin.

Aaron enjoyed the game.


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