May 13, 2015

Participants: Jon, David, Nadine, Gili, Aaron

Aaron is a first time participant who is an experienced gamer. He made aliyah a while ago but just moved to Jerusalem. Welcome aboard.

Magic: The Gathering

David 2, Jon 0

David arrived early and we drafted. I drafted sucky cards, so the games that followed at the end of the evening were a depressing, foregone conclusion. I mostly drew 1/1’s, 2/1’s, and 1/2’s in both games, and he had a pinger and an Ernham Djinn.

Princes of Florence

David 55 +3, Nadine 55 + 2, Gili 51, Jon 50, Aaron 40

David complained the whole game that he was losing very badly, while loudly claiming that I was winning by a large margin. I knew that I wasn’t winning by a large margin, but I was hopeful when I realized in round 4 that I would actually get out all of my works. By round 6, however, I realized that Nadine was too far ahead to catch, even with all of my works. I still hoped that maybe I could overtake her with my prestige card, but she played another work and it was too far. I had 3 jesters and 2 recruiters, which I thought were all I needed, but apparently not. Her buildings server her well.

David had no jesters, but he still played five works. Gili had to go back several points to steal the lake I wanted from me, but she really needed it for both prestige cards and to be able to play her last work. She had 15 points in prestige cards. David had 14 points, but that was from 3 cards. I had only one card for 7 points. Aaron’s prestige card didn’t score: he was one square behind Nadine in having the least open squares. Nadine had good synergy with her profession cards, and got to recruit one back. She would have had 4 more points if she had gone back 3 points to get the Prestige card that Aaron took.

Aaron liked the game.


Aaron 31, Jon, David, Gili, Nadine

First play for Aaron. Nadine scored very poorly. Aaron liked the game. It was fun, and we still get creative.

BattleCON: War of Indines

Aaron, Nadine

I think this is the version they played. Aaron taught the game to Nadine, who appeared to have picked it up well.

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