May 6, 2015

Participants: Jon, Nadine, Gili, Helen, Andrew, Frances


Jon 23, Gili 22, Nadine 19

I gave this game away once, but acquired it again because I thought it might appeal to some people. Apparently not to us, still. It’s kids’ game with silly negotiations. Gili tried to take it seriously. I was the only one who didn’t build a third bean field. I won because I got some generous contributions as people got bored of the game. I withheld some beans Gili needed on the last play, which would have turned the game.


Andrew, Frances, Helen, Jon, Nadine, Gili

First play for Andrew, Helen, and Frances; we played without any twist cards. They thought it was clever, but they weren’t blown away. Helen started with a 3 point card. Then everyone copied my “one minion on each phase” strategy, but that didn’t last long with 6 people playing cards that affected everyone. I stalled, jumped forward a few points, and then stalled again. I guess I was about a round or two from playing a card that would take me to 21. Nadine won with 20, Andrew had 18, I was close.

Ticket to Ride 1910

Jon 136, Andrew 132, Helen 30 behind, Nadine another 30 behind or so.

Nadine fulfilled one 9 point ticket and missed a 19 and 10 or something because she couldn’t get to Phoenix and didn’t realize that she needed it for both tickets, She thought she needed Seattle-Boston, but she needed Boston and Seattle to Phoenix and Portland to LA. Helen also messed up the ticket order initially, but she was able to correct it. She took a lot of tickets, but didn’t complete her 7th one because she didn’t realize that she didn’t have the city. That also gave me the most tickets, since I had completed 7.

Many of us were primarily on the East Coast. I also had a corridor from Chicago to Houston, and a teeny spike into Phoenix. Helen and Andrew both traveled coast to coast. Andrew had two massive tickets, something like SF to Miami and LA to Miami, which was pretty obnoxious.

Andrew had longest train. Nadine says that the game isn’t so bad when you play it right, but she just hasn’t yet. I think it will never be a great game, but it is always a decent, solid game, and it pleases newbies easily, like a romcom movie. Helen loved it.


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