April 29, 2015

Participants: Jon, David, Nadine, Gili, Avi, Christiane

First game night in my new apt, now that I’m back in Jerusalem. Avi came for his first time; he teaches games for a living at smartgames.co.il, though typically wooden puzzles, games without luck, cards, or dice, and Chess. I didn’t get how he found out about us. But he enjoyed himself. Christiane came for her first time; she is visiting for a while from Germany and had experience with a few Eurogames.

For Sale

David 66, Jon 59, Gili, Nadine, Avi

I brought this out while we waited for Christiane. First play for Avi, and the other three hadn’t played more than once or twice. Avi and Gili both ran out of money by the second to last round of the first half.  I didn’t get any of the top five or bottom five cards, and I thought I played rather well in the second half, but somehow David managed to play a bit better.

Lords of Waterdeep

Christiane 154, David 150, Gili 127

First play for Christiane; David really likes to explain the game’s theme. I didn’t see how it went, but they mixed in the Mandatory Quests that I leave out.


Nadine 68, Avi 63, Jon 62

First play for Avi. We play with my house rule: you can buy any card that is not available on your turn for 3 coins. This helps mitigate the luck of the cards a great deal.

Nadine started off strong with a blue income card on the first round. I took one on the third. Then she stalled and I pulled ahead by taking a bunch of tiles. Avi struggled without cash, causing him to perform very few actions in some rounds. Then Nadine spilled her glass of soda over some of the cards.

Avi was about to pass up the one move that kept him in contention (and hampered Nadine), but we let him take it. Nadine’s 2 points per round from the large blue card, competition for tiles, and general good play won the day. It was also helped by there being only a single resource card flipping up on the last round, which she took, thus preventing me from acquiring a useful resource (I had $3, but the two that were available were of no help) and buying another tile. I also screwed up a 3 point swing in my next to last play, which still wasn’t quite enough.

Nadine complains every round about events that happen to her and all of the bad things that she never gets, can’t get, or won’t get, and this is frustrating, mostly because she is wrong: she is gaining as much as everyone, the things that happen to her are actually good, not bad. Then she wins the game (which is obvious several turns before the end of the game), says she doesn’t know how, and declares it to be all luck.

This game is still a little annoying with its forced reduction in the available options it gives to players. The first level of each track (the first few levels of red) should be available to every player. come to think of it, having every level available to every player really wouldn’t hurt the game much. Also, everyone should gain an income of $1 a round, no matter what.


David, Gili, Christiane

I don’t know what happened here, but they played that the active player selects one card while the other players each select two. They seemed to have a good time.

2 thoughts on “April 29, 2015

  1. In the end we played Waterdeep without the mandatory quest intrigue cards.

    Re: For Sale – I think I outplayed Jon in the 1st half, which is what allowed me to pull ahead even though he played an excellent second half.

    As to Dixit, I think we all had a great time. We were all VERY good at determining the correct card to choose, even though people were trying hard not to be obvious.

  2. The game is too frustrating and negative, you’re playing against the game and against other players, though they can’t usually do what they want either. I only placed two irrigation tiles, and one was a minority, usually those help people more. I set up Jon for wild card grapes several times; I got my second near the end of the game. I am getting to understand the game better, but don’t like those kind of games as much. The game is well-balanced, but it’s still mostly negative. Year of the Dragon has negative effects, but you know what they are in advance and the challenge is in preparing for them. In Amyitis, the main challenge is deciding in which second level cards to invest at the beginning, but that is also mostly based on circumstance. Water not soda, first time I’ve spilled near a game.

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