Three play Five Tribes

Five Tribes

Nadine 160, Gili 130, Shachar 127

First play for Gili and Shachar, I had played one two-player game – Jon received this and Vinhos from his Secret Santa. Gili and Shachar started collecting yellows. Gili had an advantage with a Jinn preventing assassinations of her meeples, but Shachar got ahead in yellows when Gili started collecting cards. I mainly collected cards; I didn’t end up using my Jinn which let me place a palace on a nearby card for a cost, but I did gain a few coins from a Jinn giving me money whenever someone bought a Jinn, though only three total were bought by the others. I managed to get a set of 8 cards, and had two other sets of 4 and 2. Last turn I got my 9th, 5th and 3rd cards, but barely gained on the turn counting paying 8 to go first. Gili did well on the last turn. She had a powerful Jinn that let her trade a slave for a card from the deck. Shachar got camels on the 15 and 10 tiles in one turn, with an assassination. I had one good turn getting money and using lots of slaves for 28. At the end, Shachar was ahead in money, viziers and tiles, Gili in palaces and elders, and me in cards. Everyone really liked the game.


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