I don’t officially lose


20150225_211407Michael returned after a long absence and brought Nations. He has never managed to finish a whole game, and even though we started out optimistically planning on finishing, we stopped at midnight after 6 rounds of 8. And we were playing on the beginning side of the player board. I guess it’s a nice game and the others enjoyed it. Nice design, and credit for a lot of unusual female characters. The theme isn’t relevant unless you read the cards, it could be any four eras or divisions.

I did start last which is a handicap with no compensation, but I managed to multiply it into a much worse position. Once you make mistakes you can’t really catch up, so I spent most of the game just fighting negative effects which kept diminishing my resources and position. Understanding the game from the start would help somewhat, but in the end my score wasn’t as low as I expected. Everyone else had tons of resources and strength in Military and Stability. Michael did very well with his experience from having played before, but Gili and Shachar both did well also, Shachar built the Wonder that gave him 15 books. Anyway, since we didn’t finish, it’s not an official game.  Michael 30, Gili 22, Shachar 19, Nadine 17.



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