Weather prediction is a huge snowstorm in Jerusalem tomorrow, with roads closed. People stocked up on food, but we’ve had a lot of false alarms this winter. Nothing close to all the record storms and cold in the U.S.

Power Grid

Nadine 17/17, Shachar 16/15, Lior 15/15, David 19/11

First play for Shachar, second for Lior. David and I usually play 3-player, we haven’t played 4-player in a long time. David was doing well, and ahead in capacity for most of the game, and usually powering more cities than I was. I was in the worst turn order position most of the game, until I worked on changing it at the end, David had a higher power plant than me so was in the worst position on the last two turns. Second to last round he lost a power plan to Shachar, and I got a 5 which I needed. Last round David bid on a 6 instead of a 7 because the 7 was for coal, and there was a shortage. I had stocked up with 2 extra coals for my 5 plant. Because David was buying last he wouldn’t have been able to buy coal, I couldn’t have either for a new coal plant. David got the 6, and then as he expected the 7 garbage came out, garbage was cheap and plentiful.

Lior didn’t bid much against me, so I got it for close to cost, and Lior took a 6 plant. That put me at 17 with David at 16 capacity, and I only needed to build 3 cities. I thought it might not work when I realized I only had 25 for connections, but there were plenty available as it was the start of Step 3. We had more luck than usual because we were playing without our house rule 4 card draw pile preview, David says the luck element is better for beginners which is true. Being last to buy fuel, David was not able to buy coal for his 5 plant so couldn’t even power to capacity. Shachar could have bought one more coal to block Lior from using his coal plant but didn’t. It was a good game, Lior and Shachar liked it. David didn’t actually build to 19 at the end but could have.


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