Gili was going to come, but after checking that we had three players, she appreciated being able to rest. Lior and Raz returned.

Walnut Grove

Lior 31, Nadine 21, Raz 19

New to both Lior and Raz. They liked the game. Lior had two bonus card multipliers for 12 points, giving him the game – well played. While checking the rules I noticed that the city page says you can use coins to pay costs, and in the feeding section it doesn’t mention the coin option, so after I had paid 4 coins for food and wood, we switched to playing that you can’t do that. Raz had 4 fenced areas but no bonus tiles, and she drew 4 zero coins on her last turn.


Lior 99, Nadine 99, Raz 68

These are the people with whom I had a 3-way tie in Puerto Rico, as they reminded me. Lior was far ahead the whole game, getting 4 points per shield, and the round bonuses, I never got them. Raz got the pay only one foot tile at the beginning of the first round, but then had tons of feet leftover, I should have noticed and explained the islands and resource switching tile again. So she would have done much better. I was the only one getting boats, but Raz would have if she had realized how they worked. Lior had the boat bonus tile, he only got one surfer, but stopped me from scoring for 4 boats. Though I had the fruit bonus one and only one village, so I would have had no place. I haven’t done fruits and one village since I first played, I had both fruit bonus tiles, one double, and around 7 fruits. I had a two point hula dancer, and the 5 point tile, and points for shields but I only got about 6 points from it. Somehow I caught up with all the fruits, which also gave me extra resources to use on islands during the game, I only got more than 4 point islands the last two rounds, and the 9 point island didn’t show up. They liked this game too.


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