Workin’ on the farm

Love Letter

Avi beat David in a game, then I won twice, almost totally luck. First round I guessed that Avi had the Prince, got the Princess and then a Baron to compare with David, and he had the Countess. Next game almost the same, I got the Princess again, David played a Baron on me with the King.


David 49, Nadine 33, Shachar 32, Avi 30, Gili 18

5 player, we haven’t played in a year or two, Avi wasn’t sure if he had played before, and Shachar hadn’t. With teaching it took over 4 hours. I did better than I expected, I also ended up working on a project in the states and trying to make Shabbat arrangements during the game. Shachar had animals and fields, Gili had large pastures and a lot of animals, but only two family members, David, Avi and I had 5 by the end. I had no animals and few cards. David had a lot of cards with good synergy. Avi didn’t completely understand the scoring which hurt him, he had 3 empty spots and 2 other negative points. He and Shachar upgraded their houses, David expanded, and had points from cards. David had everything, lots of fields and animals, and no negative points. I cancelled my 3 negative animal points with an occupation card. It’s a tough game, you can’t do what you want. Shachar had to leave early so we played the last few rounds for him, mainly Avi. Gili also missed some of the rules which hurt her.

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