Slow Times

While I was away, Gili hosted a few times. They played Tzolk’in more than once, Stone Age, Settlers, and King of Tokyo. Gili’s version of Tzolk’in came with painted gears.

20141124_102814We didn’t meet last week, partly because Gili was sick. She’s still sick, but trouped over anyway even though we knew there would only be the two of us, we haven’t seen each other in three months.

Lagoon: Land of Druids

This is one of the games I won at bgg.con, I hadn’t played it yet. We set it up and started playing, but after two rounds Gili wanted to stop. It probably gets more interesting as it progresses, and with more players. At the beginning there aren’t that many options, you do the available actions, pick a tile, and take a tile if you can. It’s an extremely attractive game though, with strong pieces and nice art, plus my fancy replacement chips. The game came out a week before bgg.con, but the tiles and rulebook already have a lot of information ready for expansions. Which I guess will also make the game more interesting and complex.


Nadine 349, Gili 344

Gili didn’t want to play anything new or long, and I don’t have many two-player games. I know more English words, but Gili’s really good at playing the board and finding good spots. I made a bingo for 64 points, using a blank; right after, Gili played Quite over my letters, for 70 points. We played a very friendly game, with no time limits. I played faster, which was harder for Gili because then it felt like it was always her turn. At the end, she played near a TW and told me not to take the spot. I had almost all vowels so it wouldn’t have given me any points, but in a more competitive game I might have blocked. I looked up words for her on my phone, so I knew she was going to play Joe there. Scrabble’s usually interesting, it was a good game. Gili had the Q, J and X, I had the Z and K.


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