By one corn!

We didn’t meet last week due to cold weather and a light snowstorm. Shachar is new, he played Stone Age at Gili’s a few weeks ago, but hasn’t played many Eurogames. With Gili we would have been 5, so I figured we wouldn’t be able to play my new version of Tzolk’in, but she wasn’t feeling well so we ended up being 4. David’s played a few times, and Lior once, they both like the game. I didn’t know that Gili had traded for Tzolk’in and now has the game.


tzolkinDavid 61.5, Nadine 61.25, Lior 42, Shachar 31

So Shachar gamely played one of the most brain-burning Eurogames, and did well, considering. Because it was his first game, he didn’t remember all the rules so ran into unexpected restrictions which affected his actions. Lior played fast with prepared, well thought out turns, but he said he didn’t realize how quickly the game goes. We moved double 3 times total. David and Lior focused on buildings and had tons of resources, I tried to do skulls, but the others also managed. I did the yellow temple track because it goes with skulls, without realizing that it’s also the most points, though I did figure in that it has more end game points. Shachar also did well in temples.

Lior had 24 points from two monuments, but it wasn’t enough. David had one monument, and temple points. We all made mistakes playing, I forgot that the temple action is two different temples, so I used the any action to do it again, instead of getting a skull as I had planned, so my third guy on the skull track was wasted, I could have gotten at least a corn instead. We all felt that we weren’t being efficient enough trying to do everything. Lior took first player with 3 corn on a feeding round, blocking David who then lost 3 points for not being able to feed a worker. David had 5 workers, the rest of 4, he had a food discount on one of his starting tiles. The game was fun but hard, and seems pretty balanced. At the end, David and I tied in points, but he had two corns left and I had one, they count for 1/4 point.


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