bgg.con 2014 Winning Ticket!!!!

20141123_190755Abe drove me to the hotel through pouring rain. I got there at 6:50, the main event was at 7. They were storing my luggage. I checked in and went up to my room without my luggage to get rid of my bags and coat, my room was on the 10th floor out in the boonies, but with a sliding door – parking lot, airport and city view. I got to the main room as they were starting. They announced another bgg.con, for families, Memorial Day, same hotel – that may work for Abe and Sara. The November con is staying the same, with the age 12 limit. They thanked Mischa for the math trade but said he wasn’t there due to medical reasons. When they started the drawings, I was thinking, I’ll win because I’m here by myself. I had a green ticket, they drew very few of those. I was actually relieved not to win big boxes of games, or prizes like 3 versions of Escape. There were good prizes too. On my way in, I had stopped to get a cup of water, and a guy let me go before him even though I said go ahead, he didn’t.

20141123_193136So they called my ticket number, I couldn’t believe it and had someone nearby double check. Someone next to me had won earlier. I asked someone to take a picture, when I went to look at the picture my phone wouldn’t show it, it said out of memory. So I had her take a few pictures with her phone and email them, I didn’t receive most of the pictures I emailed from people’s phones, but later managed to get my phone’s pictures.

I won 4 nice-looking games. I had heard of only one, Fantasy Frontier – I had provided feedback on the art in the FB designer group, and because of that I noticed the Kickstarter ads and reviews. It sounded like a nice game. The other games were Lagoon: Land of Druids, Tiny Epic Kingdoms, and Regnum Angelica. People were congratulating me the whole time I had the prize, also in the elevator, before I went upstairs the guy from the water saw me and said it was the lucky water. Then two guys saw me and thanked me again for teaching them Alchemists, I wouldn’t have recognized them. People seem familiar, but I can’t place which game I played with them so quickly, I also ran into people from House on the Hill. I asked them if they had figured out the starting cards in Alchemists, he said they had, so that was good to know.

20141123_193408I got my luggage and took it and the games to my room, then went back down. I tried to fix my phone, eventually I had to delete apps. I thought I had lost all my pictures, but they showed up again after restarting my phone. The issue reappeared later, once I transfer pictures I can reinstall apps. Even though I had slept late I was still jetlagged. I watched Two Rooms and a Boom which I had played last year, but decided I was too tired to concentrate in a team game. I almost played Notre Dame and then Euphoria but decided not to. Then I remembered they had announced the gameshow earlier, and I had never been, so I asked if it was still going on and where, they said upstairs, the 10:00 show is starting soon. There was also open gaming on the Lobby floor, due to using space in the big room for vendors.

20141123_220328I started talking to someone outside the game show, he said it’s his favorite bgg event. I didn’t realize you had to sign up, he said a guy dropped out from his team so I replaced him, the sheet was right there. So you actually participate in a competitive game show – I was now on a 4-player team for an intellectual game, more intense than all the games I had passed on. The show was really fun, we had a great team. We were one of the three teams out of over 30 tied for first place after the first round of 3. But that was it, we kept missing one on the next rounds, ending up 13th. I contributed a bit. It was pretty much general knowledge, but as puzzles, with 10 to 25 seconds to figure them out. The first round had been to put in order 4 pictures to make rhebuses to answer a clue. The next two involved up to 8 pictures of people to answer clues. We got most of them, but missed one in almost each one. One was famous people with active verbs as last names; Bond and Moore worked but not Walker because it’s a noun.

I Say, Holmes!

20141123_210000In Hot Games they were demoing I Say, Holmes!, which I knew about because it’s published by VPG. Another player also joined. The other 3 at the table were from VPG, one was Alan Emrich, who designed Holmes, and is the head of VPG. So we talked a bit about marketing Candle Quest and issues with religious distributors, he’s also having trouble with getting a Christian distributor for AD30. I don’t think he’s seen Tom’s Dice Tower review of Candle Quest. We played a few rounds of Holmes but not the whole game. It seems good, an easy to learn and fun card game. People thought I had the villain because I asked extra questions about what to do if you have the villain, but I didn’t.

Princes of the Renaissance

20141123_233420After that I wasn’t sure I wanted to play anything, but it was the last night. I joined a game of Princes of the Renaissance, and early Martin Wallace, out of print. It was interesting, not really my type of game with wars and commodity speculation. I took the pope card and said I liked being a Jewish pope, a player said ‘and a female one.’ One of them had played Tiny Epic Kingdoms and said it was a good 4X civ game. So I learned what a 4X game is, Explore, Expand, Exploit, Exterminate. I’ll have to try it with civ game expert Rafi. We interrupted Princes for people to go check out games from the library before it closed at 1. The player who won did a very good job of buying up one color when it was low, and getting other people to fight wars to get it to the top. We were five players, one had played before. He was playing well but came in last, even behind me. 50, 34, 30, 29 (me), 28


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