bgg.con 2014 Mysterium is the new Dixit

Mysterium (Tajemnicze Domostwo)

20141122_103126Dixit meets Clue. I only saw the Polish title on the box so I didn’t realize it was Mysterium, which I had heard of, but it looked interesting so I joined. Red again. It plays up to 7. Card art and clues are important, as in Dixit. One person is the murdered ghost giving clues, everyone else has 7 rounds to guess each of their villains, locations and weapons. The ghost can’t communicate except by selecting clue cards, the game is completely cooperative. My second favorite coop. Beautiful art, and interesting thinking. First round everyone guessed their person except me, because I listened to another player and switched my guess to his recommendation. I got it on the next round with everyone’s agreement. A few players didn’t get their locations, so I caught up. It took another two rounds to get all the weapons. We had two rounds left to guess the correct group of three out of four. The ghost makes three themed groups, one of which is the culprit group. We got it on the second guess, 7th round, just in time. The ghost could hear our discussions, but not say anything which must be funny and frustrating. She did a good job though with finding things on the cards to match even though as in Dixit there are many similar concepts.


20141122_112349Run by a demoer in Hot Games. Someone had told me it was a good game because he liked history. I guess it is a good game, just not really my type. Red again. I did everything wrong, partly due to not paying attention to rules and cards, and partly bad planning. I took a bonus card with military and was ahead in military at first, but early on technology matters more. I didn’t translate it to advantages on the map, didn’t buy the right Wonders so no synergy, didn’t notice when I could play the advanced action, and was behind in actions due to lower technology, and eventually they all surpassed me in military. 20141122_135523I started doing better, but it was way too late, once you’re behind. It’s a cohesive civ game with interesting mechanics, I like the card system. I would do better, and possibly well if I ever play again which is unlikely. 129, 124, 103, 88 (me)There are 4 rounds in 3 eras, rounds end when someone plays their Revolution card. I played it a lot to end the game sooner, but mostly because I had a late checkout time of 2 pm which I barely made. I went to the desk first to checkout instead of going to my room, which was good since they gave me a new card that would work past 2.


I went to right apartment number but in the wrong building, the taxi driver said the whole complex had the same address, though I remembered from last year that they were in the second building. A guy in shorts with a kippa answered the door, so I figured Abe and Sara had someone over. I guess he thought I was there for him roommate, when he came out I realized that despite the Jewish books I was in the wrong place. We called Abe and I started walking the right way, Abe drove over to pick me up. He said they’ve had the craziest week ever, I said no last year was. He didn’t remember – Sara had just gotten back from Paris, they had moved in recently, Sara’s mom had arrived the night before after a day delay so her and Sara had been up two nights. Abe still thought this week was worse, he may be right. Sara started a job, but they only have one car, the one they ordered from a new internet car selling site was not delivered on time. Abe works close by, but Sara can’t take their car because she can’t make the daycare drop off times, so Abe and Eliana had to get up much earlier than usual to drive Sara, and pick her up late. And Sara was no longer around on Friday to get things ready.

20141121_155945Anyway, we had a very nice relaxing Shabbat. The eruv was down so we couldn’t go to shul, and it was rainy. Eliana is cute and talkative, she plays well on her own but also likes company. Saturday when we were ready to go out it was raining so we played games, later we went out for a bit until it started raining hard again. I had brought them light games including Love Letter, I taught Abe Friday night, then Sara also played on Saturday. We also played Innovation, which I had never played. A bit like Fluxx, at first I didn’t like it but then didn’t mind, for a chaotic game. Like last year, when we also barely went out though Abe did go to shul, it was much warmer this year though, no ice storm.


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