bgg.con 2014 I ask the right question

20141124_102926Someone told me they saw a demo of Lagoon, so I wanted to go to the vendor booth which took a while to track down, there is another game called Lagoon. The guy was by himself in the booth, so he couldn’t play a game, but could explain how it worked. I told him I had won it. A few other people also came to watch. It sounds good, even though it’s hex placement. Nice art, and they were selling special cool wooden tokens in pretty colors that I like to replace the cardboard ones. 20141124_102814The game only came out last week. Someone asked about the tokens, he said they’re $18, but $15 when you buy the game. I jokingly asked if they’re free if I got the game for free, and he said “sure” and gave me a set. So now I have to like the game. I also stopped by the AEG booth; they had said I could come back Sunday and get another giant bag if they had any left, they did.

Castles of Mad King Ludwig

I went over to the other vendor area and got into a demo game of the main other popular game that I hadn’t played, Castles of Mad King Ludwig. It looks like a good game, another guy playing and the demoer said it’s better than Suburbia and fixes some of the issues with it, and the pieces are pretty. There are a lot of interrelated tough choices, including when it’s your turn to set all the prices. Jon would like it, and probably Ellis. I haven’t played Suburbia yet.

King of Tokyo

20141124_111002People were walking around with suitcases, trying to time games and times to leave. I had heard of King of Tokyo. Somewhat light, but definitely fun and interactive. When I was at 19 out of 20 points needed to win, the guy to my right was close, and the guy after me also. They wanted to kill me but the player before me didn’t roll high enough, and it didn’t matter much to him since the player after me would win if I didn’t. On my turn I needed to roll 3 of the same number to win, but I didn’t, so the next guy won. He had a powerful card combo for lots of points. My points were from several good rolls, not a good strategy but can work in a short game. 20+, 19 (me), 18, 8

Consensus Movie Edition

20141124_121543We had 7 players, it goes to 8; a good party game. You move ahead by secretly picking the same movie from those on the board as the other do, in answer to a question such as which movie leaves you with the best lesson at the end. I had seen or at least heard of most of the movies, and we could explain quickly as needed. A similar mechanic as Apples to Apples, which I’m not good at. I quickly claimed last place, though I did catch up a bit, and wasn’t even last. And sometimes my votes were the best answer even if the others didn’t vote that way, confirmed by the other losing player when we voted the same. One of the movies that came up was Grease, I didn’t see the end but am assuming it.

Hamster Rolle

20141124_124146Then I ran into my game designer friends from last year, I had seen them in the opening line, but not since then. They had Hamster Rolle and said we needed to play on a table in the dexterity area, and people came to watch. It’s a cool balancing game with wooden pieces. I played my pieces straight, one per ledge, saving the lighter and easiest pieces. They were trying all sorts of fancy placement moves, several per ledge, on top of each other, etc. So I used all my pieces without knocking off any and won. They kept playing for second, still trying fancy moves. But also knocking more pieces off as the wheel got fuller.

So that was it. The atmosphere Saturday night and Sunday felt very friendly and relaxed, I don’t know if that was the con or me or both. I guess the number of people you know and recognize keeps increasing. I didn’t see Chris, I usually run into him, I don’t know if he was there. In general, popular games seemed on the shorter side, under two hours, which makes sense.

In the van to the airport people were discussing games, they liked Roll Through the Galaxy which they said keeps the gameplay of the Race card game without the confusing symbols. I probably saw people with it but thought it was Roll Through the Ages. They also said that the issue with the app photographing cards was due to the sleeved version in Hot Games, that unsleeved it’s easy, which makes sense because there’s no glare then.

20141124_020611Right: A train game with a real train that’s not a real train game – no routes. They said it uses a programming mechanic like Robo Rally to steal items as train robbers.

20141123_19073620141121_11440020141121_11465020141121_11465720141123_19013820141121_112250 20141121_112211 20141121_111937


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