20141105_204028A Castle for All Seasons

Nadine 80, Lior 54, David 44, Gili 37

First play for Lior and David, I had played once, and we played wrong that time. The game is nice, but unexpectedly short. David took what we thought was the best building, victory points for resources, and Gili placed there also. So when I was ready to buy, I picked what seemed best of those left, which gave victory points for buildings left on the board. I placed two there, and later a third because no one else managed to. Then we realized how quickly the game was going, and it looked like a lot of buildings would be left. The resource building means saving resources competes with building. I played the masterbuilder a few times and got points when other people built, though that took away some of my end game points.


Gili 44, Lior 36, David 33, Nadine 30

20141106_001042First play for Lior, he did very well. I said third player has an advantage, but during the game it didn’t seem like Gili would win. I thought I would lose by more than I did. David and Lior were getting a lot of points. Gili got a lot of end game points, and she got points from activity cards and fighting cards.


5 thoughts on “Castles

  1. Good point. The second reason it’s good we didn’t clean up yet – I also was able to take a picture afterwards, which is actually enough to see it, above. It shows that David only had two levels though, so 33 instead of 35.

  2. We also played two things wrong, same as last time. You lose two points for not being able to fulfill event cards, that might have caused Gili and Lior to lose two points once for Influence. You get points for cubes left on event cards; that would have given me two points, and Lior some, probably not changing the score order, though it would have affected play. David would have been a point ahead of me instead of a point behind Lior.

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