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Lior 55, Gili 59, Nadine 75

Nadine 11, Gili 27, Lior 75

We taught this to Lior, who started off well and won his first game. I won the second one when the right cards came out.

20141029_202853Notre Dame

Nadine 67, Lior 61, Gili 42, Ziv 42

First Eurogame for Ziv, first play for Lior too. Gili taught the game, then I went over some of the basic strategies. Ziv concentrated on Notre Dame, Lior did very well with victory points. Gili and I had Parks. I did the car and had 4 chips for bonus points, and the one time I went to Notre Dame no one else did. The rats weren’t too bad, most of us went over once. I rarely beat Gili at Notre Dame, but this time Lior was my competition. He had a lot of cubes on his board for bonuses, and also did cars. A good introductory euro.

Lo Ra

Nadine 54, Lior 42, Gili 19, Ziv 16

We were going to play A Castle for All Seasons, but realized we didn’t know it well enough – Gili’s taking it home to figure it out. Lo Ra is always fun with ups and downs. First round Lior got 8 tiles right off which included two disasters and the Ark, which he used to cancel all disasters at the end of the round – he got another also. The first and third rounds started off with slow Mosaics, but then ended suddenly with a lot at the end. I was the only one left in the second round, I stopped the round with 7 good tiles. On the last round, I was out early, but had the tiles I needed. First play for Ziv and Lior, they both caught onto the trade offs. Ziv called frequent auctions for his low amounts.


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