Rules re ranks

Mace arrived in Israel today from Australia via NY and Barcelona among other places, Shachar’s Masa Kumta is tomorrow, then he’s starting a commander course, he’s in search and rescue. Bill and Shirley returned from a wedding in the States and are off to China for another wedding, they’ll be back for games day. Lior is going to the States for Sukkot.

El Grande

20141001_201653Gili 98, Lior 98, Mace 97, Nadine 95, Bill 71

Very close at the end. Lior did a good job, his first play. I made several mistakes including one which gave Gili a lot of points first round. A few mishaps and rules issues – if there are ties for both first and second place, does second place score. After a lot of discussion, we finally decided no, and moved people back for previous plays. Mace knocked over the castillo, fortunately at the beginning of a round with few pieces in it, but it disturbed the board. I had taken a picture of the score after the second scoring round, so we each scrutinized it to determine the colors and number of cubes in the regions, with the king blocking some.

At the end of the second scoring round Gili and I were tied for first place, so we got attacked more, though Mace (brown) and Lior (yellow) were close behind. Lior had a large majority in Valencia with the high mobile scoreboard, then Mace took it to his province of Galicia. Mace also controlled a round with a veto. We had several choose regions to move to in the 8th round, everyone went into my Seville region. Per our house rule, we replaced the ‘take back a power card’ in the last round, though the card that came up, ‘move you grande’ wasn’t so useful either, but at least could have been.



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