Where’s Jon when you need him?

20140917_195321 Love Letter

David+, Nadine

Nadine+, David, Gili

David and I played a few rounds, he won, but we forgot to take out three cards. Then we played a few rounds with Gili, I was ahead by one when we stopped. David kept getting Handmaids, and I kept getting Princess and King together.


Jon/Nadine+, David, David S, Gili

20140917_212248Gili brought this and was teaching it to me and both Davids. She said it’s a pick up and delivery route game, I sarcastically said ‘my type of game’, and David said ‘where’s Jon when you need him?’ A few minutes later there was a knock at the door, and guess who, we didn’t even know he was going to be in Jerusalem. It’s a four-player game without the expansion, so Jon and I teamed up. I didn’t realize we’d have a new player when I asked Gili to bring the game, she had brought it before but we didn’t get to play it. David S thought he wouldn’t be able to make it tonight, but in the end was able to. He’s never played Eurogames, but plays chess. He did very well considering his inexperience, he understood the mechanics and strategy. More than I did, though I had the benefit of partnering with Jon, who wasn’t joking when he asked didn’t I know what our first four moves were going to be – he mapped out a strategy to win with two deliveries, and it worked. David was also close to winning if we hadn’t.

We played with a money goal because it was a learning game. The real game has story cards with three goals that you have to complete in the right order to win. It was harder to play without knowing the game and cards, and Gili forgot to mention til later in the game that you could interrupt flying to make a purchase. It felt like a traditional run-around space mission adventure game, but we’re all willing to try it again with the real win conditions. David S was the only one who had seen the TV show. Gili has the expansion for six players, where two players are pirates.


2 thoughts on “Where’s Jon when you need him?

  1. You didn’t catch the details when I said I was also close. I clarified that I was close “to recouping my original 3K”. I.e. I was farther away from victory than when I started the game šŸ˜¦

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