Princes and Dragons

Princes of Florence

Lior 63, Nadine 61, David 59, Raz 53, Gili 49

20140910_204520Gili brought this because David wanted to play; he hadn’t in a while. New to Raz and Lior, more challenging with 5 players. Lior got best work 3 times, I got it only once when I tied for it on the last round. Gili skipped taking a Profession card to buy a building and get best work on the first round. Lior skipped it also, I would have bought it but forgot it was there, so David got it. That’s half a jester, I thought David would win because of that and he got a recruiter, so he played the most works. He said he made a mistake in what he recruited though. I had a recruiter, we all had one prestige card, except Raz had two, but she played fewer works. She paid a lot to get a third builder, so Lior didn’t get one. I could have picked a prestige with one more point, but I wasn’t sure I’d get the required jester; I’m glad I didn’t lose by one point.


David/Lior+, Nadine/Raz

Lior called and made two Tichus, and on one of them David went out second. Raz is still learning, she could have gone out second when I went out first, which would have made up for my forgetting to call Tichu.

Sukkot Games Day will be October 14.


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