Two hands, two bombs

David, Avi, Yehuda, Nadine, Lior, Raz

David and Avi brought Yehuda, and Lior brought his girlfriend Raz. And the war is back after a few weeks of cease fires, we had our fourth siren in Jerusalem last night after Israel bombed Dief’s location.

20140820_203651Power Grid

Yehuda 18+5, David 18, Lior 17

First play for Lior. David thought he’d win on money, but Yehuda beat him by 5. Yehuda was happy about beating David for once.

Carson City

Nadine 53, Raz 45, Avi 34

First play for Raz and Avi, which was relevant, even though I gave them strategic advice. Avi had terrible luck with dice rolling. When he decided to fight Raz for a building, she decided to fight him for the gun tile, and won it and the later fight. We all made mistakes on plots and buildings, I went first and missed a 4-spot for a mine that Avi took, but he didn’t get a mine first round. Avi and I took the white guy, so we got good ratios, but Avi didn’t exchange that much money, and was still short for what he wanted to do the next round. His bad luck held, he had 7 guns when he rolled a 1, Raz had 3 guns and rolled a 5, but she was earlier in turn order. Raz had a lot of properties and buildings, Avi robbed her $15 drugstore on the last round when he had cowboys left after Roz and I finished. We had a few churches and prisons, a lot of ranches, and no saloons. Raz liked the game, and did well at catching on even though she hasn’t played many games. Avi simultaneously played Love Letter, which he really enjoys, during the last round of a frustrating game for him.

Love Letter

David+, Yehuda, Avi, Lior

David+, Nadine

David+, Yehuda

With mathematicians like David, there is a lot of succesful calculated guessing.


Avi and Yehuda played a short game.


David then Avi/Raz 85, Nadine/Lior -185

I rarely call Tichu, much less Grand Tichu, and I’ve only ever had around two bombs, last week we didn’t have any. First play for Raz. Lior, who just learned it last week, did a good job teaching it to her. First hand both David and Lior called Tichu, and David went out, giving us our first negative score. Raz had the dog, and a bomb on her first hand ever playing. Next hand I called Grand Tichu with the phoenix, dragon and two kings and a queen. I got an ace, and Lior passed me another one, and I had a full house. I would have made it, but Raz had another bomb! Two hands, two bombs. People needed to leave so we stopped.

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