David catches up

New member Lior joined us, he lives downtown.

20140813_195132Love Letter

Avi 4, David 3, Nadine 2, Lior 1

We played before Lior came so his score isn’t accurate. Avi and I had two points before David got any. Lior hadn’t played before but caught on well. I made a stupid mistake – trading hands with Lior when I had a Guard, so he knew my card. Avi and David are good at calculating odds and using the information from played cards.

Year of the Dragon

Avi 109, Lior 107, Nadine 105, David 102

First play for Avi and Lior, they both caught on well and tried to think things through from the beginning. It’s a tough game though. Avi was the only one using the books strategy which David usually uses, and David used my staying behind strategy, though I was close, usually third in turn order. I took money 3 times, but got a dragon. Famine came out early so we all built except Avi, David had enough builders to build with two stories and no people placed, he was getting around 7 from just buildings. He started off behind, getting only two points per round for 5 or 6 rounds, but then really increased a lot. He had a lot of money. He was still behind and Avi was way ahead, a difference of about 50 points. 20140813_211537Avi had 4 book scoring people, but lost all his people by the end. Lior was in second place, he had two double dragons from very early on; I had two fan ladies and one double dragon, in third place close to Lior, Avi had a double dragon from his first turn for 4 points per round. So in the end, counting people and building multipliers, the scores ended up very close.


Avi/Nadine+, David/Lior

Avi and David are experts at this game, David taught it to Lior. Avi and I caught up and won from being behind 730 to 570. David was handicapped by Lior’s inexperience – he passed a king instead of one of his three aces when David called Grand Tichu though it ended up not mattering, but in another game Lior could have gone out before me if had played differently. Avi and I went out first and second twice, David made some regulars and two Grand Tichus, one was a challenge to make, Avi made one and some regulars. I almost called Tichu once, I barely went out first and Avi said right away I was right not to call it. I passed him good cards which helped us. David had a straight using almost all his cards, but didn’t get to play it til Avi and I had gone out. He could have used his 7 from the straight in a bomb, but didn’t want to be left with bad cards.



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