Not fighting in France


David 31, Avi 27+, Nadine 24, Eliezer 20

I kept complaining about letting the bad event cards pile up, David kept saying it didn’t matter – they affect all of us. Even worse, we played wrong. I didn’t know that if you can’t fulfill an event card requirement you lose 2 points per card, I didn’t remember ever playing that way. But of course, we usually do a better job at fighting cards. Always actually, we got to 11, 7 dice! Avi and Eliezer had never played, David had played around once but didn’t remember. So with explaining the game, and looking up cards and rules questions, and thinking, it took a long time.

Eliezer left during the last round. We played his best move for him, finishing an event card he had started, which hurt Avi who would have gotten 6 points with that die. When I double-checked end game points, afterwards, which I usually do during the game, I discovered that you do get points for cubes left on event cards, one per card, giving Avi 3 and Eliezer 1 more. We had a lot of money during the game, and the money card wasn’t even in. David kicked me out of a building at the very end after I had passed, gaining him two and losing me two, he had the card. We spent a lot of moves kicking each other out of buildings. Avi and I each lost two points to the event card in the white castle, we also had the one that adds grey cubes. Avi had a lot of Influence the whole game, I had the second most. 20140730_225400So David and Eliezer should have lost more points from the lose two Influence event card, though they would have played differently if we had realized.

We’ve had a lot more playing wrong since our esteemed leader moved away because even if I know how to play, I didn’t used to have to run everything. Avi also didn’t remember all the rules and their implications, and the activity cards in the game weren’t so interesting. David could steal yellow cubes for free. So Avi probably would have won, and he was third player, an advantage in my view.


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