A good win and a not bad tie


Gili 91, Nadine 75, Ofek 67

Gili explained the game to her daughter Ofek, who caught on and played well. I played better than I usually do, but Gili played better. Both Gili and Ofek got points for shields, 2 per. Gili had a monopoly on boats, she also was the only one with a surfer and got 12 points on the last round. I got the ‘pay only one foot’ tile which helped, and I could exchange a resource, but I didn’t have enough total resources. I had 3 rows and tikis, the first time I’ve had more than two rows. Gili had the same, but also the ‘points for boats’ tile.

20140723_222523Lo Ra

Ofek 14, 17, 52, Nadine -2, 15, 52, Gili 0, 5, 26

I had high coins at the beginning which helped me get a lot of tiles right off, but mostly tribes, while Ofek got points. We forgot to keep baskets and menorah for the second round, adding them back right before the scoring, but we might have played differently. I had a lot of menorahs and candles, but it wasn’t enough to beat Ofek’s early lead.


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