macao 2Mark, Gili, Bill, Eszter, Eliyahu, Michael, Nadine

Eliyahu and Michael are serious gamers who live nearby, friends of Eszter’s. We spend more time than usual socializing and discussing all sorts of things including media coverage of our 8-day-old war.

Love Letter

Mark+, Nadine, Gili

I taught this to Mark, then Gili arrived and joined. It’s perfect as a filler while waiting for people.

It’s Alive!

Bill 53, Michael 52, Mark, 50, Gili 41, Eliyahu 37

We started playing; when Eliyahu and Michael arrived, Eliyahu took over my position, and Michael took a few extra turns. Bill’s good at this, he finished first, we played with the It’s Alive! rules so he got a 5 point bonus for finishing first, he used a Villager and paid 4 for the discard he needed. There was quite a bit of auctioning. The new players wanted to be able to bluff on money.


Nadine 34, Eliyahu 2

We couldn’t all play Macao, even though Eliyahu offered to just teach and monitor, but also Mark wanted a shorter game because he needed to leave early. As it turned out he couldn’t even stay to finish London. After playing Eliyahu understood the game and strategy much better. He had 27 negative points from poverty from 21, I ended with 8. I lost 7 for not repaying a loan that I only needed to take when I was short one pound to pay Eliyahu two for Lloyds of London, then I forgot to plan for it early enough, but I may have gotten more than 7 points out of the 15 pounds I would have had to pay back.


Michael 94, Eszter 69, Gili 39

Eliyahu and Michael love this game and people like Gili were looking forward to playing it. Bill started off playing but stopped soon after the rules explanation because he needed to leave, and Mark decided to leave with him since he’d need to leave soon after in any case. I mostly heard them joking about the game makes you say PP for prestige points. The game looks very pretty, and Gili and Eszter liked it. Eliyahu said Michael needs some competition, sounds like he always wins by a lot.




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