Holland, Argentina, France

Mark, Nadine, Gili, Eszter

Welcome to Mark, an experienced gamer who contacted Gili on Facebook and showed up, he moved here from Tekoa. The Netherlands and Argentina are playing the second semi-final of the World Cup. We’re also under rocket fire, including in Jerusalem, second day of Operation Protective Edge to stop the rocket fire.


Gili 17, Mark 11, Nadine 10

New to Mark. Gili was handicapped by arriving and joining after we each had a chip, but she still won. She got 4 points for not dumping. I had 16 points before dumping.


Nadine 49, Gili 43, Eszter 37, Mark 31

New to Mark, who went first, I was third. My theory is that going third is an advantage due to how the cards come out, and combatting black dice. Gili ended two points behind me before she remembered that we didn’t count the castle. I played my usual strategy of going in the castle early, but I also fought more cards because that was my secret card, though I barely got 3, others had more. We had a card where you can roll to place on cards, Eszter had terrible luck with those rolls. My 15 cost card came out, I bought it, then Eszter did later. But I went before her in turn order so was able to buy yellow dice she wanted. Gili did well with varied strategies. Mark battled cards, and understood the game, but it’s hard the first time. I had luck with meeple placement, I only got kicked out on the last round, which lost me two points on the cards. Eszter had 3 dice most of the game, Mark and I 5, and Gili got up to 6. We enjoyed playing, much better without the expansion.

20140709_213001 Chicago Express

I’ve been away the last two game nights. Two weeks ago they met at Eszter’s and played Chicago Express, Eszter won. She taught the game to Gili and new attendee Aryeh.



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