David brought pictures from his recent vacation to New York, LA, Bryce, Zion, Las Vegas/Hoover Dam, Yosemite and Disneyland. They got to Disneyland early so managed most of the main rides before the lines got long.


20140611_205351David 53, Nadine 44, Bill -7 (3)

Bill suggested this and it was a good choice. Even though the game is slow, it’s interesting. First play for David; it’s been about two years since Bill and I played. I just looked up the last time I played, I won, but it was everyone else’s first play. Bill won the last time he played, 31 to the next closest at 17. David did well even with some rules misunderstandings. David looked like he was ahead which he was, I did better than we expected. It was closer before David remembered to add 4 points from Undergrounds. Bill could pay to change card colors which he used well, and David could exchange a hand card each turn which he also used a lot.

I had the don’t count cards in your had for poverty at the end, but only applied it twice, and I placed it at the expense of a money-generating card. I had two loans that I didn’t pay off, one by choice because I used the money for a 7 point card which reduced poverty and gained two points for my remaining six coins. I made a mistake earlier in the game when I bought and had no money left to build so I had to take the second loan. Bill paid off one loan, David only had one loan, he had a lot of money during the game, and low poverty. I had 6 boroughs, David 5 and Bill 2, which is why he ended with 14 poverty after subtracting my lowest of 5. After the game Bill and David calculated that if Bill had, as he had considered but rejected, built on the last hand instead, he would have had less poverty and a score of 3 instead of being negative. We want to try again while we still remember the game.


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