Gili wins everything

A brand new player who had been in touch with Gili showed up, welcome Netta!

Notre Dame

Gili 57, Nadine 50, Netta 32

20140528_203739 Gili brought this in case Netta came as a good introductory game. Gili had the park bonus from early on. I tried cars but didn’t follow through well enough. I had money to get points in Notre Dame twice, those were the two times that Netta also went. The last two rounds I didn’t have coins for points, and I went over on rats once. Gili did well at early rat control, had a lot of cubes, and used the point area, though she didn’t have coins for bonus points at least twice. Netta had a hard time – she went over on rats several times and lost her second park cube from that, and then kept losing points from rats.

20140528_214805It’s Alive!

Gili+, Netta, Nadine

Netta and I had eight cards at the end. I got two villagers, Netta three, and she had used her first one to acquire a discard. Gili drew the most coffins and bought one first round, and didn’t get any villagers. She played well with auctioning and buying.



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