Princes and Kings

20140521_204926 (1)Princes of Florence

Nadine 75, Gili 72, Eszter 59

Gili brought this because she missed playing it, and we set it up while waiting for Eszter. Gili wasn’t sure Eszter had ever played, I thought she had, so I looked it up. Eszter had played for the second time at Gili’s house on Chanukah Games Day two years ago; Gili didn’t remember seeing the picture of her house. Gili got two Jesters for 300 in the first two turns. I never paid more than 200 for anything; I took two Prestige cards early on, selecting ones that would give 7 points rather than 8 because I was more likely to have the items. Eszter didn’t remember how to play so Gili explained, but it takes a while to understand the mechanics and timing. Eszter had a lot of buildings, two builders, as did Gili, and all the landscapes. I played the most works but only got best work once. Gili had leftover money worth 3 points, so we would have tied.

20140521_215727Louis XIV

Gili 51, Nadine 46, Eszter 44

Eszter got 19 points from coats of arms, but only had 5 missions. I had almost as many, but she won most of the types to get more. Gili had 9 missions, I had 7. I was going to play all my cards on the last round, good thing Gili noticed in time. I could put down one last piece from a mission card, to get my fourth chip.

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