Stormy Knights

20140507_202545Medieval Academy

Yossef 37, Bill 35, Gili 30, Nadine 20

Yossef brought this. We played the basic version, there are several variants. The game feels mostly tactical because the cards each round are drafted, so you can’t plan too much. Gili focused on getting the 17 point bonus, Yossef did swordfighting and avoided the negative round points but got 10 at the end. Bill was ahead or second in many areas, he also did well with fighting. I did a lot wrong including wasting cards. The game is fun to play and has a nice turn order sword.


Yossef 20, Bill 16, Nadine 15, Gili 12

20140507_215800Also Yossef’s. The game was more interesting once I understood a bit better what I was trying to do. Also a good game, but not very interactive. We played wrong at the beginning, you can only hold 10 gems at the end of your turn which makes sense and forces card buying.

May, we’ve had weeks of summery weather, but tonight thunder and lighting and strong rain!


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