Reading Last Will Wrong

Love Letter

Nadine, David, Yosef

I beat David for a few rounds, then Yosef arrived and knocked me out a few times, then David started winning. Mostly without any strategy of course.

2014-04-23 20.33.19Last Will

David 4 actions, Eszter 5 actions, Nadine 2 actions, Yosef $4, Gili $8

Yosef returned after a long absence, bringing 3 good games, including this and Lewis & Clark. I had played Last Will at bgg.con in 2011, where I didn’t understand the game and end condition well enough and it felt long. Our game felt like it moved fast, eventually we did actions simultaneously with one person watching. We all enjoyed the game, there are good choices, and everyone got good synergies going. We played that you have to get rid of $70 exactly, recommended for beginners. Part of my strategy was maintaining first position so that I’d have it in the last round for worker placement, I didn’t realize it was the tie breaker. So when I got to zero before David and Eszter, we thought I had won on the tie breaker. But thinking about it, it didn’t make sense that I could keep being first player for 3 rounds in a row, out of 6. And we had checked the rules about going negative, and it said clearly that you can’t use any cards if you don’t have all the money they require.

So we played two things wrong. First, the player order is only for worker placement. The person going first to select card quantity and number of actions, which are tied to worker placement turn order, goes around the table. Which as David pointed out is also luck, I would have been first to select on the last round to win the tie, but it’s unlikely we would have tied. Because the other thing we played wrong is that on the last round only, you can go negative. So out of the three who went bankrupt we don’t know who would have won if we had played correctly. David and Eszter had the most actions remaining, so would probably have managed a higher debt than me, though I had two actions and a lot of white cards left. And we weren’t playing with that in mind – everyone would have played differently.


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