The Wild West

Well, pioneers actually. We had two tourists from northern England who are leaving tomorrow morning, Rich and Kate.

2014-04-09 19.46.37R-Eco

Rich 13, David 12, Kate 11, Avi 3, Nadine 2

We were going to play Love Letter but had too many people before we started. New to Rich and Kate who did well, way better than me. They didn’t dump so got a bonus. We played random chips.

Walnut Grove

Nadine 24, Avi 23, Rich 18

First play for Rich and Avi. They both caught on well after one round, but Rich didn’t have large enough areas to support his four workers so he was short cubes for feeding. He ended with two neighborly helps for -4 from a respectable 22 points. Avi got the bonus for coins, and sold a lot of cubes, and he had a shed. I didn’t sell as often, but it was earlier in the game, and I drew higher coins. So I had 2 silvers and 2 golds for 6, he had 4 silvers and 1 copper for 4, plus his bonus of 5, but I had a bonus of 3 for buildings. So with a switch of one coin he would have won, so he didn’t like that element of luck.

2014-04-09 20.52.55Homesteaders

Gili 53, Eszter 52, Kate 50, David 49

First play for Kate, and Eszter who’s been wanting to play this. At first Gili’s score was 51 and we though Eszter won, until David recalculated her end game options. They did correct a few rules as they went along.


Nadine, Avi, Rich

I ended with 2 sets +3, the others with 1 set, +8 for Avi, +4 for Rich. New to both of them. First time I’ve played almost right, with players taking advantage of the trading. We had to correct the planting a bit after I checked the rules partway through the game.

Love Letter

Avi +++

Rich, Avi and I played a bit, Rich was very familiar with the game and cards, new to Avi who really liked it. We played twice more, me, Avi and David. It is fun with deduction and luck.


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