Gili, David, Michael, Effie, Devorah, Nadine

Love Letter

Michael 2, Nadine 1, David, Gili

We didn’t play long enough for the score to be relevant. Michael walked in as we were starting, so I made him start player. He started every game because he won the first two. We stopped when more people came.

2014-03-26 21.04.08Power Grid

David 17/17 +42, Michael 17/17 +3, Gili 16/16

U.S. board. First play for Michael who just got the game this week, a good way for him to learn it. They had low power plants, and had to toss the highest at the end even with only six left.

Puerto Rico

Effie 35, 20, 8, 63  Nadine 23, 19, 11, 53  Devorah 29, 19, 48

New to both of them. They like games but haven’t played many Eurogames. Devorah came for a Games Day and Effie’s played Settlers. Devorah caught on well to the strategy, though I pointed out better moves here and there. She focused on indigo and coffee, but also had corn and sugar. Effie focused on tobacco and corn, he eventually got an indigo. He had wharf, factory, hacienda, small market and two quarries, but never had enough colonists to use them all. His tobacco monopoly helped him. I limited my advice overall, but did step in, though mostly to explain mechanics. They liked the game but want more practice. Effie had Customs House, I had Fortress and Guild Hall. I took Fortress instead of tobacco as governor at the end even though they could end the game on shipping points. But Devorah took trader, so it went another round. She had a harbor and later a wharf. I didn’t produce much most of the game, only 1 corn, indigo and sugar until I added two coffees; I mistakenly bought Guild Hall instead of coffee.

Yona left for California for 5 months via a night in London.


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