A Castle for All Seasons

A Castle for All Seasons

Eszter 96, Nadine 93, Gili 92

2014-03-19 20.27.22Gili predicted that Eszter would win, though there’s really no way to tell. It was also close going into the second to last round, Nadine 38, Eszter 39, Gili 40. Gili got this at bgg.con, we read the rules and played. And made some major errors which affected the whole game – we did the Trader where you take resources wrong. We gave too many resources, which made buildings run out faster. We also made mistakes as we learned the game. The game has nice art and pieces, but is a bit fiddly, especially with the arithmetic involved in decision-making.  Though it may matter a bit less when you know the game better. I had two workers on the Palas for 50 end game points, but the others got close to that too, Gili had 3 workers, Ezster 4, for end game points. The game is good and well-balanced, I’m just not sure I like the mechanics.

We played the basic game without the Winter cards, which seem to add luck, and makes the game more sexist, adding the only woman for courting. We didn’t like the forced to sell a resource mechanic, or the Master Builder passive points, though Gili and I disagree with Ezster who thinks it’s all luck. Gili got 20 points from it and didn’t win, but she played it when she thought she’d get points from it. At the end I couldn’t build, or place a worker for end game points, because the buildings would run out before my turn, but I didn’t notice that Gili had played all her building cards. If I had built I probably would have won, I had money to place another worker. Eszter built and placed, Gili just built. The card control mechanic is good and somewhat strategic, though overall it felt tactical. Gili placed early on the silver bonus, and Ezster eventually took the other one.


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