Rain and Spain

Eszter, Gili, Roie, Shalom, Nadine on a cold stormy night.

Love Letter

2014-03-12 20.48.20Eszter, Gili and I played 3 rounds while waiting, I think I won one and Eszter two.

El Grande

It took a while to decide what to play, until we remembered our favorite 5 player game. New to Roie, and Shalom has only played twice. All the cards where you lose caballeros came out early which hurt me, Gili did the best at keeping hers; the mobile scoreboard came out a lot too, and Gili used it well. She was far ahead at one point, but she said you never know with this game which is true. We all caught up before the final scoring, and anyone could have won depending on what happened with the castillo, though I only had one in there, which I did use for 2 points. When I got the king before the first scoring I was down caballeros so couldn’t take full advantage. 2014-03-12 21.46.47Shalom did a good job strategically, taking over Seville and then moving the high scoreboard from where Gili had it. Roie did very well for his first game, and had an out of the way starting region. Gili had New Castille and lost it, I had New Castille and managed to hang on to the majority for scoring, at a high cost, but I was able to score it on the one for the most caballeros. Eszter gained the most points in a round when she changed her mind and didn’t veto the vote for a region to score. She was also ahead in the castillo which we scored at least twice. I had around 3 cubes in the castillo the whole game. It was a fun, with an exciting close finish.

Shalom Eszter Roie Nadine Gili
Before 1st scoring 7 3 5 0 0
1st scoring 27 20 19 23 21
Before 2nd scoring 30 28 41 35 30
2nd scoring 47 39 59 54 57
Before last scoring (after Castillo) 67 72 78 77 81
End 84 89 92 96 97

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