Dice Placement

David, Gili, Michael, Shalom, Eszter, Nadine

Nice to get more people attending. There are lot of games lately with a dice as workers placement mechanic, I think it’s more interesting in Troyes – there are decisions in how to use your dice in addition to where to place.

Love Letter

Nadine 2, Gili 1, David 1, Michael 1

This is a great opener, Michael joined for a round when he arrived. New to David. We all like this game now that we understand it.


2014-03-05 20.58.49Shalom 39, Michael 36, Gili 35

Gili’s played often, she obviously did a good job teaching it to the others.


David 10, Eszter 9, Nadine 5

We interrupted Gili’s teaching of Troyes to have Michael teach Euphoria, Eszter and I had played, but didn’t remember everything which makes for a disjointed explanation. Even with that, we left out a few things, during the game we forgot to move the tunnel markers.

David started off with a clear strategy which turned out to be somewhat useless, he stocked up on bliss for his second card which allows bliss instead of metal on markets, without realizing that the markets are the ones that weren’t opened yet and might not require metal, which they didn’t. Eszter had a pretty strong card, she could give us heads and lose heads when she joined someone taking resources. I could get an extra different resource in one place if didn’t have cards. David and Eszter concentrated on getting the resources for building, I tried to get cards to compensate for not having buildings, a really poor strategy, though the penalties could have been even worse. So they did well, and David had synergy with two green cards and finishing the green track to get two stars from that, and then winning with the star on his card. Eszter also played well.

Love Letter

David+, Eszter, Nadine

We finished off with a few rounds, then stopped to plan David’s trip to Disneyland and Yosemite.


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