Four for Belfort

Gili, Ophir, Shirley, Nadine

Love Letter

Gili 2, Nadine 1, Ophir 0

We played three rounds while waiting for Shirley. Ophir hadn’t played but caught on well, and he guessed my character without info at the beginning of one round. The scores aren’t so relevant when you only play 3 rounds in a game with this much luck.

2014-02-26 20.21.25Belfort

Gili 40, Nadine 38, Ophir 35, Shirley 32

This came down to the wire, the last round changes everything. Going last in the last round is powerful, I used a worker for 3 rounds to be able to select going last at the end. Til then Gili was way ahead, by around 7 points, and in the end she maintained her lead. I was last which kept my taxes low. The game balances well, with a lot of calculating, and of course you can’t do everything you want. New to Ophir and Shirley, it’s Gili’s game and she’s played a lot. It’s a lot of competition for not a lot of points so they really matter. You can plan but it’s hard, though I guess knowing the game and cards better helps. Ophir got two workers in the first round, I went for gold, Gili for resources. We played wrong last time, when you place on the four resource areas you have to place all your pieces at once, whenever you do it. So cards with placements helps delay, as does having money. I had the most elves and dwarves at the end, and tied for gnomes. Gili had a lot of pieces on the board, and had most elves the turn before. Ophir was first most of the game until I took it, I had been second which helps. Last time I played I was one point behind the winner. It didn’t feel harder with four than with three, but our scores were a bit lower.

2014-02-26 23.52.35


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