Misha and Masha

Gili, Ori, Michael, Misha, Masha, Nadine

Ori returned after a long absence. He took his Eminent Domain; I thought I had lost the rules because I remember reading them, but he said they had been in his car. Misha and Masha are gamer friends of Michael’s.

No Thanks

Misha 8, Gili 25, Ori 39, Nadine 43, Masha 74

An opening filler, new to some.

2014-02-19 20.28.39Dungeon Lords

Ori 28, Michael 21, Gili 0

Gili said she could have not played all evening because she ended up with a score of zero, she’s taking it off her wishlist. She liked the game, but said I wouldn’t like it and she doesn’t think our group would play it, and it takes practice to be good. This was Ori’s second play, it’s his game.

Walnut Grove

Nadine 26, Misha 19, Masha 14

New to both of them. It’s a tight game – they got the mechanics, but it’s hard to calculate everything. And I was lucky with coins. They liked the game.

2014-02-19 20.28.48 Puerto Rico

Nadine 29, 15, 6, 50  Masha 11, 19, 7, 37  Misha 14, 13, 27 (S, B, B)

It’s always interesting to play this with different people. They’ve played 4 or 5 times. They’re good at the game, but use a completely different strategy. They passed up corn almost the whole game, Masha only had indigo and coffee, and 4 quarries. She had hospice and hacienda, which gave her a lot of indigo, Misha also got a hospice, and an office. Because there was always corn available, by the end I was producing 5 corns and 1 tobacco, I never specialize like that. Masha was producing 4 indigos and 2 coffees, but the boats were blocked so she tossed a lot. Misha had sugar and indigo. I almost got a harbor but fortunately realized that I should get a wharf instead, this was very early in the game because I got an early corn trade with small market, it was a while before I needed it. Masha did well with her 4 quarries, she could have gotten another big building the end, though I was close also. She took mayor to end the game on purpose to stop me from shipping again.They pretty much don’t ship, or didn’t til now, Masha learned a lot from seeing a different way to play. I didn’t say anything the whole game because they knew the game well. Misha took small market after a few building rounds. So I made up for all the games I lose online against David and Ken.

2014-02-19 22.49.35Candle Quest

Misha+, Masha, Nadine

They caught on well. We played the basic game. Misha got two unlit candles, Masha got one, and I didn’t any. I got fewer dancing candles than they did, but I bought one. Misha auctioned one and got it for 6. He ended with two limes, so he thought he hadn’t won because of the duplicates, but he had nine cards, with the right eight candles in addition. So he did very well money and card-wise.

Love Letter

Masha 2, Misha 1, Nadine 1

We stopped when the other game finished. They’ve played before, more than I have. I got a point at the end, but I lost quickly in the other rounds. I know there’s strategy, or at least relevant analysis, but I’m not good at it. It is a fun filler, and with short hands it’s easy to stop anytime.


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