Michael’s games

Michael, Shalom, Ophir, Gili, Eszter, Nadine

Two people got directions from Gili over the phone and were driving over; we played a second game of No Thanks waiting for them, but then they sms’d that they chickened out.

2014-02-12 20.12.50No Thanks

Michael 17, Nadine 19, Gili 28, Eszter 39, Shalom 40
Michael 29, Eszter 29, Shalom 44, Gili 62, Ophir 98

I got this from my secret santa. We know it as Geschenkt. New to Ophir, who didn’t understand all the implications when he walked in and started playing. New also to Michael who did well, low score wins. In the first game the cards were new – I shuffled, but not enough for a new deck, so the cards we took out, and early draws, were too sequential, which helped Gili a bit. It’s a good quick filler.


Ophir 10, Shalom 6, Gili 6, Nadine 6, Eszter 5, Michael 2

2014-02-12 21.56.17Michael brought this, Gili has it but hasn’t played it. Michael’s third play. He said it’s the first game he hasn’t taught in Russian, he alternated between Hebrew and English. Ophir had a good understanding of the game and strategy from the start. I had no idea, but was ahead for a while. It’s a good game with interesting mechanics and decisions, though I don’t like the negative effects so much, mainly the ones where you can hurt another player. It’s a small part of the game, but can feel unfair. There are penalties which you can mitigate. It will help to understand the game from the start.

It’s a worker placement game but continuous, turn order never changes. You can go anywhere because you can bump, so it’s not competitive for spots. There is also luck in the cards you get – you don’t get enough during the game for it to even out. Ophir had a card which let him get an additional victory point, he used it twice. It took a long time, due to being almost everyone’s first game, and six-player. Six-player didn’t seem to make it more competitive except for getting locked out of buildings if the four people before you block it. Ophir was in all the buildings so didn’t have penalties. You can trade resources with players, which actually helps the game, there isn’t much trading. There’s also a bit more crowding and less control on the resource spots.

2014-02-12 21.56.46


One thought on “Michael’s games

  1. Thanks for the good company and readiness to host such events. This is a very nice feeling to see that others understand rules and game mechanics on the fly without any further explanation. That was great!

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