Loving Hawaii

We managed to scrape together three players, we were all happy to finally get a chance to play.


Eszter 137, Gili 118, Nadine 116

2014-02-05 20.12.21Gili and I set this up while waiting for Eszter to arrive from work. Eszter likes the game, she had just played it with her son on Shabbat, it’s one of his favorites. I did pretty well for me. Gili was behind most of the game, but I figured she might pull ahead of me by the end. She had a lot of boats and surfers, when I bought the fruit multiplier the boat multiplier showed up, and she bought another boat for 24 points from that. She also got two points for meeting the minimum which the surfers helped with. I had all the fruits but not much else. I got two tikis that Eszter wanted at the end, but it only cost her 5 points. I had one double shield scorer, Eszter had 3, she was scoring 5 points per, and way ahead of both of us til the end. She also had all her villages except one. She didn’t get any boats til the end when she needed one for the tikis that I beat her to, I needed them also to finish two villages.

2014-02-05 21.51.11Love Letter

We played 3 rounds, I won two of them and Eszter the first one. There is a lot of luck, especially with fewer rounds. Gili said the game is better with more players, which makes sense. You do have to think a bit and pay attention, now that I understand more I like it better. But it’s basically a light social game. Easy to learn and quick, and fun.


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