Nadine, Gili, David

People are busy and sick, we didn’t have enough people last week and I was jetlagged, my first week back. Opher was going to come late, but it wasn’t worthwhile because we had started playing.


David 45 (red), Nadine 44 (purple), Gili 38 (white)

2014-01-22 23.21.20Gili got this game from her Secret Santa, she was glad to get it because it was one of the games on her list to try at bgg.con but she didn’t get a chance to.  She explained the game, she had played it twice but only to three rounds out of seven. We thought all along that David would win, but none of us thought it would be close. We helped each other figure out how the game works strategically. It will be very different with four or five players. It’s worker placement and area control, with high quality attractive components. There are three scoring rounds, nothing different at the end. Taxes that you pay go up as you advance on the scoring track, David hung back early on which helped him with money but may have hurt him scorewise. I was in a bad position after the first scoring – one spot into having to pay three instead of two, while Gili was still at one, though of course that plays into the final score. David kept first player most of the game which helped him get inexpensive additional workers. I was second most of the game which helped a bit. Last round David took the turn order spot, which meant he could choose to go last, powerful in an area control game. He forgot that he couldn’t buy a building during his turn, only at the end of it. Building a third one would have let him take another majority, but going from tied for second to first would only have given him and additional two points and not reduced my score. I didn’t have good buildings for majority control, we all think we will do better next time. Gili had a good double building early. The game is well balanced with good decisions. David took the last gnome to have the most, and block Gili form getting one. If he hadn’t done that I would have had the most gnomes, but no money for more workers so it might have evened out.  I think there’s more luck than in Puerto Rico.


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