bgg.con 2013 IV


It was great to see Abe and Sara, and Eliana. They moved into their new home recently, and were still working on getting furniture. They just got a cool artistically decorated dining room table. Sara’s mother had also decided to visit, and had a lot of flight problems such as cancellations in Columbia without being informed. Sara just got back from 9 days in Paris for her half-sister’s wedding, and Abe is at a new job nearby, so it didn’t work for them to attend bgg.con this year – Abe said he never thought he’d be living in Dallas and not attend. Next year. It was cold and rainy outside, we went for a brief walk during the day before the rain started. Abe went to shul and got there before it rained. We played my prototype in the afternoon, and Abe drove me back to the con – I got there in time to go to my room before not winning any prizes.











I joined a game of Keytown, an early game from the Key series which I like, as did the other players. It’s a game where you place cubes against your opponents, but not in an interesting way. I didn’t like it, the others didn’t either, so we stopped.


20131123_211100In the library I ran into Chris, I had seen him a few times. He was with Jim and Mark, we’ve played together at previous cons, and Chris played with us in Israel and remotely with Jon. Chris checked out Trains, he said it was like Dominion and not a route game so I was willing to try it. (Another train game was popular at the con, Russian Railroads.) He also got Rialto which I had read about. I liked the game though I didn’t understand everything at the start. We didn’t clarify til the end that you do get points for buildings so that would have affected play. I came in second, first play for everyone. They were getting up early for an 8 am wargame, so we didn’t try Trains. We played in a side room, nice and quiet.

Two Rooms and a Boom!

20131123_233909Coming out of the room I ran into a lively game of Two Rooms and a Boom!, (on Kickstarter, over $78,000 pledged of a $10,000 goal, ends this Friday). It’s a 15-minute social game for 30 people. Everyone gets a card, with players divided into two rooms, and leaders selecting hostages to exchange. One team wins if the president and bomber are in the same room, the other team wins if they’re not. You have to quickly share cards or colors, and suspect players who won’t. First game I was on the blue team, the red team met a side win condition within two minutes. For the next game they added grey cards with separate goals. I was Romeo, my goal was to find Juliet and end up with the president and bomber to blow up together. I found Juliet pretty quickly with help, and some leaders let us be hostages together, but a later leader didn’t – he wanted to focus on his team’s goals. So we ended up with the president, maid and butler, but not the bomber. It’s a really good game for social gaming and would be a good icebreaker. I didn’t play again because I wasn’t good at remembering who I had talked to and what they were.

I watched a bit of Cards Against Humanity charades, very funny.

People were rebooking flights due to an ice storm expected at 2 pm Sunday. My flight was at 3. I Skyped Yona to call my travel agent, but there weren’t good earlier flights, and it wasn’t  worth switching at that point. We could stay at the hotel for the bgg rate, but when I asked about reserving they said it’s 24 hour cancellation, and that reserving at 3 if necessary should be enough. Temperatures were in the high 20’s and low 30’s!


20131124_103105Pink Hijinks

I went by the vendor area to check on a few things, then started gaming with Pink Hijinks in demoland. A good abstract if you like abstracts. I lost.


I had heard that Terry Pratchett’s Witches was good, it is. Light with interesting play and a cooperative element, and luck. I played two-player, probably better with more players.

Can’t Stop

20131124_115641I had seen Can’t Stop on but never played. It’s a fun game combining decisions and luck with dice rolls. I ended up winning due mostly to the dice roll. The other two played a lot and presented my options with some analysis each time which made it easier to play.

Then off to the airport where I got a new powercord for my laptop – and took off before the storm hit.


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