bgg.con 2013 III


20131122_103146Sailing to India

I packed and went down to play Sailing to India. It’s a real strategy game in a very small box, they sold out early but are reprinting. I didn’t do well; it is an interesting and challenging game. Takes a while to understand, even Rael who liked it kept getting confused. The best rules line: “if it’s still a tie please check your game code for any player clone (this) abuse.”

20131122_114056Dexterity Prototype

So it turns out that Rael and his friend design games, and were the designers of the Mumbai Lunch game. I said I wanted to try it but then they’d have to play my prototype, they didn’t mind. We started with a dexterity game with princess and ninja meeples. It’s good and fun, but I’m not good at throwing meeples even very short distances; even when I was lucky enough to land somewhere to get points they could knock me out. Rael said you get better at it.

20131122_114446Dabbawalla: The Mumbai Lunch Delivery Game

The Lunch Delivery game is good, well thought out as a gamer’s game. Our scores were close, but they helped me, and attacked each other rather than me. There’s strategy to card collection, cube placement controlled by cards, and timing of sending, sorting and delivering your 4 lunches, and a cooperative condition – and cool heavy coins. They had follow-up meetings with publishers, deservedly. They’re in a game designers group in Portland Oregon.

Ten Plagues: Let My People Go!

20131122_140936They liked my prototype and had good tweaking suggestions. At 12:30 there was a moment of silence for the 50th anniversary of JFK’s death, they were surprised when I said I remembered it.

When I took a picture of this serious Napoleon wargame, they asked why, commenting that I don’t look like a wargamer – I told them they’re right, I’m not.


I got into a quick game of Bruges before I had to leave for Shabbat. The other players helped finish the game quickly by taking cards from the same stack when they could. I did better than last time, coming in second. 20131122_152831The other player who had played before won. I still like the game.


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