bgg.con 2013 II



Gili and I wanted to get in a game together. We played Caverna, a new game – a souped up version of Agricola, which Gili doesn’t like. But this version has caverns and mines and rubies, and somewhat simplified feeding requirements. It felt like Agricola to me as far as planning went, though more fun with the new items. It has fancy meeples which don’t justify the $90 price. I managed to get a lot of rubies and a ruby multiplier, the winner had 83 and I had 82. We all had a lot of animals and farming, I had fewer mines. It’s a nice game, no cards, there are buildings and it feels like more options overall. Gili narrated a quick video in Hebrew.

20131121_151045El Grande

I got El Grande in the library and had one person ready to learn it. We waited for more players; I went over to see if Amanda and Daniel were interested, they agreed, another game they hadn’t played. While organizing the game with them of course people came by who wanted to join, but only if we could take two which we couldn’t. They did ask here and there about the King’s region, but not every turn. At the second scoring Amanda castillo’d into the King’s region; we let her redo it because no one else had turned over their spinners. Daniel was off taking a call so he didn’t see it. End of game he castillo’d into the King’s region, and we had all turned over our spinners so he lost out. Amanda tied me at a bit over 100. Daniel attacked me directly which hurt him but helped Amanda.

20131121_184827Ten Plagues: Let My People Go!

I ate and rested before the publisher designer speed dating meet-up. I was really tired and jet-lagged, I went down early to set up. James Mathe did a great job organizing the whole thing, for 2 sessions on 3 nights. I had printed out the schedule and gave it to him when he didn’t have his. It was fun but hectic to have 6 minutes with all these publishers. None of whom are interested in biblical themes games, as I expected. They commented a bit on the mechanics. At first they were willing to take turns playing, but later they were burned out and I just explained. One of the games on the list which sounded interesting was Dabbawalla: The Mumbai Lunch Delivery Game. Most of the games were listed as medium to light.

20131121_200904I didn’t play Little Prince but people said it was a good game.

Dungeon Dice

20131121_212352I played Dungeon Dice. It’s a fun game with over 80 different custom dice, it was a vendor demo so I got a die at the end. It’s quick combat with different dice characters and a clear goal of 3 gold dice. Cliff and kids would like it.


20131121_221924Walking around later there was a game of Goa starting, they were reading the rules. I had played a lot years ago when we used to have the game, I remembered I wasn’t good at the auction. Which was still the case. It was fun to play, it’s a good game. Jon got rid of it because he didn’t like the colony building mechanic. I lost twice at it at critical times, another player lost once, but then got the last colony so I couldn’t get it which set me back. After we finished the game we found that colony hiding in the box. One of the players, Rael Dornfest, thought that his friend and I would like Sailing to India so we planned to meet in the morning to play it.

20131121_221635Everest game for Ginat who just finished hiking to the base camp with Adi.

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