New gamers are enthusiastic about Candle Quest

Opher, Hayley, Mimi, Nadine

2013-11-13 19.51.16Candle Quest

Opher+, Nadine

My first time playing with the new published Victory Point Games edition. Opher liked it and was ready to play again, he wanted to try the It’s Alive! version.

Passover Prototype

Opher 11, Nadine 9, Hayley 8, Mimi 4

2013-11-13 20.32.07We had just started when the others arrived, so they joined in. A friend of Opher’s told Hayley and Mimi about our group. Opher plays strategy games, Hayley and Mimi like light social games and party games.  It was challenging for them to play with a prototype, it’s harder to see how things work, but they caught on. They wanted a round board instead of a grid, or paths. It’s interesting to play with new gamers. We tried to collect sets, but no one managed, all the points were for plagues. I ended the game by taking the last one, there were two wild cards left.

Candle Quest

Opher wanted to play this with four, it is more fun. Everyone enjoyed it, especially Hayley and Mimi after the prototype. They had to leave, so we didn’t finish the game.


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