2013-11-06 21.22.33Walnut Grove

Nadine 27, Bill 25, Eszter 20, Opher 18

Opher lives in Baka and has been looking for a game group, he moved to Israel two years ago. I billed this as a short game that takes about an hour after teaching, which would work because Shirley was going to show up later. Bill didn’t believe me and kept pointing out how long our short game took, over two hours. By the time we finished it was too late to play a game with Shirley. We did interrupt for ordering food (Burgerim), eating and conversation, and Bill and Opher were new to the game. Bill did very well, he had two bonus tiles and two fenced in areas, he got 5 points for a large area. Opher didn’t realize which bonus tile he took, if he had, he would have taken the one Bill took, and gotten 3 additional points. Eszter had one bonuse tile for stored items, she had 6. Bill and I only took extra workers at the end of the game, and we both had one hut, Bill got his later than I got mine.

Nothing worked for me, I didn’t get good tiles to make large areas, I went last in turn order, I wasn’t in the right place to get workers, I had to spend coins on my first move, and I almost never produced or sold for the bonuses on the year cards. Because my tiles weren’t working I decided to just try to get fenced in areas, the first time I’ve done that. I got one bonus tile for them, for 10 points total, and I had 2 gold coins at the end, and another bonus tile for 4 points. Not getting the extra worker til late worked, Opher had a lot of workers from the beginning but had a lot of cubes left at the end. Eszter, Bill and I took and paid off begging tiles. Eszter had two yellow workers which seemed to be doubled a lot, or you notice when you have two. Everyone enjoyed the game.





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