Shirley’s Night

Bill, Shirley, Richard, Nadine, Gili, Mace, Yaakov, Amos. Richard works for Bridges for Peace in the U.S., he’s visiting from Florida. Yaakov and Amos are Hebrew U grad students. Turns out I know Yaakov’s parents in Haifa from LA, and they both know Mace’s oldest son from Gush yeshiva.

20131030_205750Passover Prototype

Shirley 11 (1 row, 1 set), Gili 9 (1 row), Richard 8 (2 plagues, 2 sets), Bill 4 (2 plagues and around 10 of each movement cards)

Bill and Shirley suggested this as a good game for introducing Richard to games, he wanted to watch, but did fine. Bill and Shirley said not to keep changing the game, but then made good suggestions.


Eszter, Mace and I were playing this while waiting for Yaakov and Amos to arrive, but we didn’t finish due to distractions – Eszter was on the phone, I was helping with the prototype, and Mace was setting up and then teaching Tzolk’in when Yaakov and Amos arrived. I had a lot of  harvested cards but didn’t count them.

Lo Ra

Shirley 30, Gili 27, Bill 21, Richard 15, Nadine 14

20131030_215430Bill and Shirley wanted a short game because they’re moving tomorrow and need to meet the painter early. First play for Richard, he enjoyed it and said he was glad we made him play. Gili was doing very well and we thought she’d win, but Shirley passed her at the end with the ark and 4 animals. I did terribly with the numbers I had, I got nothing in the first Yovel for -7. Bill did a good job with calling auctions at the right time. He was surprised that I did so poorly and came in last, I wasn’t.




Mace 71, Eszter 64, Amos 51, Yaakov 29

First play for Amos and Yaakov. Mace had around 9 skulls, some leftover for points, but still complained when people blocked him. Eszter was glad to do as well as she did. Mace said he feels good if someone takes longer than he does. On his way out Richard said it looked like Monopoly.


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