“You’re taking all my garbage”

David, Bill, Shirley, Gili, Mace, Nadine

So great to have everyone back!

Prototypes – David, Shirley, Mace and I played my Passover game, with a better reception than last time at games night. A lot of helpful feedback. Bill showed Gili his RPG in development.


Gili 61, Mace 59, Bill 40

First play for Bill, second for Gili. The game was very close until the end. Mace was missing a skull he needed at the end, Gili had a monument for wood which gave her 20 points.

Power Grid

David, Nadine, Shirley

First play for Shirley. David made sure she understood all the implications during the game, which is helpful and complicated. David and I were competing for garbage, but I didn’t realize the refill rate in time, so he was able to buy more. We stopped playing at Step 3 due to time, but David would have won. He had $200 and a 6 plant, I had a 5 but less than $100. Shirley had $180, but no end game plants.


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