We play Tzolk’in correctly and Mace doesn’t win


Nadine 75, Mace 72, Eszter 43

20131016_210030 Mace and Eszter have played a lot. I’ve played one 2-player game and half of two 4-player games. This actually started out 4-player with a new attendee, Mace’s roommate Moshe, but he surprised us when he needed to leave after the first food day. We set up the extra workers and changed the wood/corn amounts, but kept playing. We figured Mace would win becasuse he always does. One of his strategies is to stay first player by constantly taking the first player token. Mace wasn’t sure which player turns the gears, though when I played it was always the old first player. While looking it up, he noticed that when the first player token is taken, it has to change hands. The person who takes it, if they’re already first player, passes it to the player on their left. So no one took the token if they were already first player, which evened things up a bit. Eszter took a strong monument for advancing on tracks, and she had 26 corn at the end, but she says she has a hard time doing well at this game even though she likes it. Mace placed six skulls for lots of points, and he was at the end of the skull track, so also got extra monument points. He had two all worker food discounts; by the end of the game none of us were paying for food – Eszter and I had the per worker food discount buildings, two of the buildings for three workers came out.

20131016_201529I placed one skull, but don’t think I’d have been able to if Mace had turned the gears two days earlier than he did. I was at the end of the food track, and could get two wood from my initial card track movement, so I kept using it to move up on the god pyramid. There was a god track multiplier monument but I wasn’t sure I’d be able to get it because I had no workers on that track, I hadn’t realized how soon the game would be ending. I had workers on the get resources track, and I had two golds and a stone from the god pyramid. Fortunately, on the second to last turn, the monument track was full enough that I could get close to the monument spot. I thought Mace would move the gear twice, but if he saw it would block me he might not have. So I placed two workers there, leaving me with one corn. I didn’t know if it would work, because I’d need more than one corn to go backwards to get the two stone and one gold that I still needed. Mace moved it two days, which actually placed me in a good position because one of my resource workers was on the pick anything spot, with the other next to it. So I got 4 cubes, leaving me a cube to pay for the move up on the god pyramid twice for my worker on the space beyond the monument spot where my other one was. So that made a difference in a close game. Mace got the bonus for the green pyramid, I got it for the other two, and I was at the top of the middle one. The game is easier with three players than four. And with the correct rules.


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