Around the World

David, Gili, Eszter, Nadine, Matan, Mace, and Shachar dropped by to kibbitz. Welcome back Gili, from her vacation in Greece.

Passover Prototype

Mace, David, Gili, Eszter

Good to get feedback, I need to work on things.

20131009_204334 Tzolk’in

Mace 64, Gili 53, Eszter 51

Everyone figured Mace would win, but they did a good job against him. First play for Gili.

Year of the Dragon

David 120, Nadine 103, Matan 82

First play for Matan who wanted to try this. David did a good job with the book action, he was far ahead in turn order the whole game, easier to do with three players. I did well, but couldn’t compete. I went first at the beginning, David overtook me to go first, Matan was last the whole game. We had all the taxes and wars at the beginning, and disease and rice in the second half.

20131009_231636Louis XIV

David 57, Matan 49, Nadine 44

I had bad cards the last round, though I don’t know if that would have made much of a difference. Again first play for Matan, who caught on well. He liked this game, he also liked Year of the Dragon, but Louis XIV is easier to play well your first time. Despite complaining, David had good Mission cards, including the joker 4, though he couldn’t take advantage of it on the last round; he also played well and took the king most rounds, Matan took it once.

We played both games while the others played Tzolk’in.


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