China and Egypt

Passover Prototype

Nadine+, Mace

I made improvements since playing over Sukkot, but Mace suggested more options and player interaction, though he’s more into confrontation than I am. Mace saved up cards, but started cashing them in too late; he should have won.

Year of the Dragon

20131002_210709Nadine 92, Mace 91, Eszter 87

Mace hadn’t played in a long time, but he caught on to a good strategy, staying the lead the whole game, building a lot and blocking actions we wanted. Eszter had a hard time and lost too many people, partly because she couldn’t build early enough, but she did well on round points. I went last except on the first turn, when I got a dragon. I miscalculated near the end when I forgot that I couldn’t take 3 yuans free again after taking 3 the turn before, and I needed money for taxes and to pay to get the rice action on the following turn. Fortunately I was lucky and the rice action was available the turn before. Mace used books the last two turns so he was in first place. He also had a double dragon, Eszter had a double and single.  A dramatic finish – after counting people and multipliers, we were tied. I won due to my 3 yuans that I took on the last turn when nothing else would give points. We all made numerous mistakes and could have done better, though it’s all trade-offs.


20131002_221859Eszter 2 sets, 1 pair, 1 card,  Nadine 2 sets, 1 pair, 1 card,  Mace 1 set, 5 cards

There are more options when you play correctly, we went over the rules to clarify things we’d been playing wrong. But it’s still a lot of luck. Eszter started off strong, harvesting all different cards early. I lost 4 cards to the locusts in the first round, last round we all lost sets of two, Mace lost two sets. Mace had a lot of cards from speculating, I harvested well at the end and caught up with Eszter, though we didn’t expect a tie.

Shabbat Gaming


Mace+, Eszter, Binyamin S


Mace+, Eszter, Binyamin S


Emily+, Eitan

Eitan taught Emily the game.

Mace, Eitan & Emily, Eszter & Binyamin S, Nadine

We played half a game then stopped because people had to leave. Mace was in a good position with buildings, and Emily and Eitan had tons of resources for monuments.


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